Upcoming Changes

This time of year is the typical time to think about what we want to change in the next year.  I typically hate doing New Year resolutions as I feel that I am just setting myself up for failure so this year I thought that I would make myself accountable by blogging. This is mostly for me, but hopefully someone else may find some insight as well. My two goals are the following:

  1. Treat my body with respect and become healthier
  2. Be financially responsible.

So what does this mean? I have noticed that I am uncomfortable when bending over or walking upstairs. I want to show my kids by example how to care for their bodies. I enjoy working out but my downfall is with healthy eating. I use food as a way to deal with emotions, and continue to gain weight as a result. I am not going to base my success on the amount of weight I lose as I feel our society puts far too much pressure and expectations on our body shape. My goal is to each day nourish and respect my body, not lose a specific amount of weight.

The othe goal is to be financially responsible. I feel that when we are using credit or going into further debt, it is a form of dishonesty. I would not ask a friend to borrow some money from them without a plan to pay it back but yet I (and most of society) will use the bank’s credit or a credit card without a plan to pay it back in a short time frame. I want to focus on being honest with myself and others. So here goes my first confession: I am a fat and broke. Now it’s time to fix both! Please join me on my journey and let me know if you want to be accountable as well to others on this blog community. The only rule I have is to be kind to ourselves and to others

May you find the peace and beauty in your life


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