Real Life Comes Early

Well I am back from our vacation and it feels like real life came back with a vengeance. I think my attempts to develop healthy habits are being challenged. Came home to a sick dog, a sick kid and a messy house. (Well, really I left the house messy but now we had a pile of laundry to do as well)

I am proud of myself for not getting any fast food, pop or junk food while out the last few days. I also got up and got to the gym this morning before my first class. It felt great to get moving.

I also had a stroke of insight today that I have spent so much time focusing on trying to not eat the wrong food or do the right exercise that I have missed focusing on the rest of me. I am proud of all that I have accomplished and my size is only a part of it. I do want to feel more comfortable in my own skin and respect my beautiful body. This picture is of a beautiful spot on our vacation. Notice how I am looking up as I am trying to not have my double chin show up. Now I see it and think how ridiculous to focus on that when there is so much beauty in the picture.

I challenge everyone (including myself) to each time we look in the mirror to tell ourselves we are beautiful and point out one thing about ourselves that we love.


Happy New Year!

This is a wonderful new day and a new opportunity. I know that everyone is thinking about either their resolutions or trying to make sure that they don’t make resolutions. I asked my family what their goals for this coming year and my three years old replied by saying “I have too many goals, I just want to play hockey.” It reminded me that I just need to keep things simple and look for things that bring me joy. I am focusing on adding to my life and not having guilt about mistakes.image