Pathway to Health

This page will focus on my goal of getting healthy. My first goal is for 2016 not to eat any fast food. This is going to be a tough one to break but it will be good for both my health and my wallet. I will update my journey as I go.

Dec. 29th – I am currently reading to prepare for my next level of psychology starting next month. There is a chapter about motivation and emotions. I have learned there are three key elements that tend to lead to success. They are:

1. Motivation to succeed – my motivation for health is to be able to do more with my kids, go hiking, feel better and have more energy

2. Expectation of success – this one is hard as I feel like I have tried every diet, every program and in the end I just keep getting fatter! So I have decided to set a goal that I expect to succeed. My goal is to exercise in some form three times a week. I am going to start with something I can do and work from there

3. Is incentive value or how important it is to you. Each person sees this very differently. I have decided that when I accomplish three workouts a week for the next two weeks, I am going to buy myself a beautiful candle.